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Raiders Playing For Tie More Indefensible Than Brandon Staley's Coaching

Photo: Chris Unger

Dan Patrick: "The old school has a problem with Brandon Staley. The Chargers became the first team in the last 30 years to convert 6 fourth downs in a game. They forced overtime, they scored 15 points in the final 4 and a half minutes of regulation. If you want to nitpick that he calls timeouts or that he goes for it... I don't understand all the criticism. I would have had a problem if the Raiders were playing for a tie. If the Raiders were taking a knee to help a divisional opponent, I'd have a real problem with that. The fact that they were considering taking a knee to tie, and you're going to help the Chargers? Not the old Raiders, they wouldn't do it. The fact that it was on the table is really surprising there."

Dan Patrick reacts to the controversial ending to the NFL regular season, as the Raiders beat the Chargers in overtime to clinch a playoff spot. Dan analyzes the blowback Chargers HC Brandon Staley is receiving for his decisions late in the game and his aggressive philosophy, but explains why the Raiders suggesting that they considered taking a tie against their divisional rival so that both teams could make the playoffs is much more deserving of outrage than Staley's decisions.