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Why Brandon Staley Should Be Fired by the LA Chargers

In the video above, Chris Broussard & Rob Parker engage in an interesting discussion around what transpired in the insane matchup between the LA Chargers and Las Vegas Raiders, who battled it out for a playoff spot. The two teams also had an opportunity to get in the playoffs had they tied. However, controversial coaching decisions made late in the game by Chargers head coach Brandon Staley gave the Raiders the win and the playoff spot. The Chargers are now left to start all over again after having so much potential at a playoff run.

Rob Parker is incensed at the coaching decisions of Brandon Staley and thinks the first-year head coach should've been handed a pink slip.

Rob Parker: "I think Brandon Staley should've been fired. I think he has cost the Chargers their season. I didn't like the calls in that Chiefs game. A lot of times he could've put 3 points up and they wind up losing that game which put them in the situation where they had to win the last game. I get it. They lost to the Texans in a game that they needed to have. They weren't prepared for that game. They got blown out by the Texans. They ran all over them. He's in over his head. He wants to be this wonderboy! He thinks he's too smart doing stuff you don't do. There was no reason to go for a 4th and 2 and your 18! For what? What is possibly the reason? Kick the football and let your defense hold them down."