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David Culley Was Set Up to Fail as Houston Texans Head Coach

In the video above, Chris Broussard & Rob Parker address the Houston Texans firing David Culley, which leaves only Mike Tomlin as the only Black head coach in the NFL. This move comes on the heels of the unfortunate firing of Brian Flores from the Miami Dolphins. While there is potential for the current coaching vacancies to be filled by diverse candidates, much can be said when firing 2 NFL coaches out of 32 teams puts your amount of black coaches at one in a league that's about 70% Black. Chris Broussard & Rob Parker express how concerning this is, especially when people were perplexed at Brian Flores' firing.

Chris Broussard makes the point that David Culley was set up to fail:

"Rob, I think he was not only set up to fail; they knew from day one that they were likely gon' fire him because they won 4 games and I actually think he did a good job. You gave him nothing to work with. We said it all season long. If Deshaun Watson was not suspended by the league and if you're gonna pay him, then play him. Watson was not available, so Culley had no chance."

Rob Parker points out that Dan Campbell will survive with the Detroit Lions even though David Culley had a better record.

"All year we had to hear about Dan Campbell. Dan Campbell won less games than Culley with better players. With a quarterback who was a 2-time pro-bowler who went to the Super Bowl. He won 3 games, and what did we have to hear? Drew Brees and Troy Aikman praising Dan Campbell every weekend about how damn hard the Lions played. They won 3 freakin' games! And nobody is even batting an eye that Dan Campbell gets to stick around or that that wasn't good enough. I've got a problem with it."