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Did the Warriors Mess Up the Return of Klay Thompson?

Photo: Thearon W. Henderson

Jason: "Steve Kerr and the Warriors may have made a big miscalculation in the way they brought Klay Thompson back to this team. Klay comes back goes right into starting and what happens? The Warriors kind of hit the skids. They get blown out by the Bucks, they lose to the Grizzlies, and Klay Thompson while he hasn't been bad - it's not been about Klay. It's been about what's happened to the other players."
Mike: "I think it was all about placating him and making him feel all welcome and warm and fuzzy. They didn't want to have the hard conversation."

The Golden State Warriors were doing so well this season without Klay Thompson and logically one would think they'd do better with him back. Jason Smith and Mike Harmon break down why the Warriors and head coach Steve Kerr are going to have some difficult conversations about the starting lineup and minutes for the players that got them to this point so far in the NBA season.