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Mike Mayock Wasn't Given the Best Opportunity to Succeed in Las Vegas

Kansas City Chiefs v Las Vegas Raiders

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Tuesday on 2 Pros and a Cup of Joe, Jonas Knox, Brady Quinn and LaVar Arrington react to the Raiders firing General Manager Mike Mayock after only 3 seasons and while the guys agree Mike Mayock was put in a tough position thanks to how Jon Gruden was initially running the team, Mark Davis is ultimately right to interview all potential candidates that can make the team better.

Jonas Knox: "I don't really think Mike Mayock was given the best opportunity to succeed there. It felt like he had to deal with the mess that was left by Jon Gruden. I think Gruden had ultimate power and control there in Vegas, but nonetheless here we are, the Raider are looking for a new General Manger going forward."
Brady Quinn: "I'll go a step further and say I know for a fact that's the case. The reality is, it was Jon Gruden who had the final say, who made the decision many times in selecting their players and even some of the free agent acquisitions and how he constructed the team... That's the tough position Mike Mayock was in. I think he's a good evaluator and General Manager. He was put in an extremely tough position and he did the best he could. And once Gruden was removed from the picture, did you notice there was a zero tolerance policy with any of these players issues on the outside?..."