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Will Mahomes Lose 'Jordan-Esque' Reputation If Chiefs Lose to Buffalo?

Photo: Dilip Vishwanat

Rob Parker: “If he loses, the narratives will be adjusted. He didn’t have as great of a season as he’s had in the past, he hasn’t had MVP votes since he won it two years ago, but I think he would still be considered great. But, I think people would start to question where he is in terms of ranking the best QBs or young QBs in the league. If Josh Allen gets the Bills to the Super Bowl, and has incredible performances, he could be in that conversation. In no way am I saying that Mahomes would be called a ‘bum,’ but he will lose that title as being considered the best.”
Chris Broussard: “I agree with that sentiment, but I think if he loses, the title of best QB in the league will automatically go to Aaron Rodgers. But, I wouldn’t be off the train of saying Mahomes is ‘Jordan-esque.’ As much as we harp about Jordan being the greatest of all time, he didn’t win until his 7th year, and Mahomes is still very young in his career. Sure, he’ll have to win more MVPs, more rings, more accolades, but the window is still wide open for him.”

The Odd Couple’s Chris Broussard and Rob Parker debate on what a loss to the Bills in the AFC divisional round will mean for Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes’ legacy. Chris and Rob both believe that a loss would change the narrative, but there’s still too much time left in his young career to make crazy judgements.