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Sean Payton May Be Biding His Time for Cowboys Job

Photo: Scott Halleran

The news that Sean Payton is stepping down from his position of head coach of the New Orleans Saints took over the sports world yesterday and Dan Patrick reacts. Dan thinks Payton is stepping away from a disintegrating Saints team just in time and speculates on his plan for the future. His refusal to call this a retirement makes it obvious he wants to return to coaching, and the Cowboys seem the obvious choice.

Dan Patrick: “I don’t know if Amazon moving into the NFL landscape here; now you’ve opened up all these new jobs... And Sean Payton is probably going, ‘Hmm, OK, maybe I do a one-year pit stop. Maybe do one year and kind of see how Mike McCarthy’s doing. I can make some good money here and don’t go through the aggravation, no won-loss record, maybe I do that.’ But, you know, the Dallas season, the way it ended; it makes sense, too much sense. But then you have to come back to: how bad does Jerry Jones want to make a change? How much is it going to cost to get Sean Payton? Because, you have to compensate the New Orleans Saints.”