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Don't Be A Prisoner Of The Moment With Joe Burrow

AFC Divisional Playoffs - Cincinnati Bengals v Tennessee Titans

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Rob Parker: "If you watched Josh Allen do what he did against Kansas City, I don't know how you can't like him because he's got a bigger sample size. If Joe Burrow wets the bed on Sunday, do you change your mind? Josh Allen was ready, they didn't win, but it wasn't because of him."
Chris Broussard: "This is just a hard one. Joe Burrow was in his first year, played 10 games last year and got hurt, and was great for a rookie. Just a small sample size. So far, what I do like about Burrow, I think he's a little more consistent than Allen, and more accurate. Josh is a little up and down, a lot of times he'll follow up a great game with a bad game or a mediocre game, and then kinda go back and forth"

After a recent survey from The Athletic of former and current NFL executives showed that they'd prefer Joe Burrow as their starting QB, The Odd Couple with Chris Broussard and Rob Parker implore everyone to slow down on the Joe Burrow hype train, especially when comparing him to Bills starter Josh Allen.