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Dan Patrick on Kyler Murray Drama: 'Be a Leader, You Signed Up For This'

Dan Patrick: “Kyler Murray is shaking off the critical coverage. He brought about the critical coverage because he scrubbed his social media accounts. It had nothing to do with the Cardinals, and this was during SUPER BOWL WEEK that he decides to do this… There was a report that Kyler Murray was embarrassed with the playoff loss and that he was being made a scapegoat. Well, somebody has to tell Kyler Murray that this goes with the territory, the highs and the lows. EVERY quarterback is the scapegoat. You’re the number one pick in the draft, you won a Heisman trophy, there are expectations. This is what he signed up for. If he doesn’t scrub his Instagram account, we’re not talking about Kyler Murray right now. He wants us to talk about this situation. This is what you sign up for to be a starting quarterback, and be a no. 1 overall pick. This is about money and he wants to get the Josh Allen treatment. Well, he’s not Josh Allen… Pro Bowl player a couple of times, Rookie of the Year, I understand all of that, but do you want to sign up for Kyler Murray as your franchise quarterback? Do you want to give him $40-45 million a year?... I had a source in Arizona before this year and they said he’s ‘not a leader, he doesn’t know how to lead yet.’ ‘Immature’ was a word that came up. Aaron Rodgers has shown to not be a great leader and immature, but he’s a lot older and he’s proven himself. Kyler Murray is not being treated any different from any other quarterback. We expect greatness out of you. Now when it goes south you want to get out of here? Be a leader, step up. Why did you scrub your Instagram account? That’s what I want to know. Why did you think this wouldn’t create any sort of headlines? I would let this year play out and I wouldn’t even be sold on a long-term deal. I wanna know ‘are you a leader?’, ‘are you the guy that is mature?’, ‘are you going to be the guy that we can count on?’ This nonsense started because he created the nonsense. Being a ‘scapegoat’, just ask every quarterback who has ever played the position. At some point, you get a lot of blame. You get way too much credit and way too much blame.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Dan Patrick discuss the ongoing drama between Kyler Murray and the Arizona Cardinals, as Dan says that Murray needs to ‘step it up and be a leader’, and stop messing around with his social media.

Check out the segment above as Patrick details why Murray better realize that he ‘signed up for this’ when he decided to become the most sequential position in the country’s most expensive sport, and why he still has much to prove when it comes to his maturity.

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