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Rob Parker: '15 Other Quarterbacks Could've Done What Matthew Stafford Did'

Chris Broussard: “Matthew Stafford has changed the narrative. He had to win the Super Bowl to justify the trade. He’s done that and I am going to give him his props.”

Rob Parker: “He did win, I didn’t think he would win, I thought he would not get it done at the end of the game, and he wound up doing it. Was it anything different from what I expected from Matthew Stafford? No. Did he change my opinion of him? No. Did he prove me wrong that he could get it done? Yes. But I haven’t changed my opinion. I looked at that game and how he played, and while he won – he’s a champion and has a Super Bowl – I think people have gone off the deep end with this over-crazed narrative about him and his accomplishments. I looked at that game and thought to myself ‘there are 10-12 quarterbacks who could have won a Super Bowl with the Rams, including Ryan Tannehill.’ In the last 25 years, eight quarterbacks have won one Super Bowl, and Stafford had the third-lowest passer rating in that. I just thought he played ‘well enough’, there were stretches where things weren’t going that well offensively. He was without OBJ, which was a big loss because he was off to a great start. I hated to see the flags at the end and thought that was unfortunate that we had to see that after they had basically let them play for more than three quarters. Then the phantom holding in the end zone was a crucial call against the Bengals that hurt. I don’t think there have been any quarterbacks who threw the game-winning touchdowns and weren't the MVP of the Super Bowl, so that said something, and they gave it to Cooper Kupp who had a ‘good’ game, I wouldn’t say it was ‘MVP’… Ryan Tannehill could have won that game for the Rams. Any top 15 quarterback could have won that Super Bowl.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Rob Parker explain why his notoriously negative opinion of Matthew Stafford hasn’t changed despite the 34-year winning a Super Bowl with the Rams in his first season away from the Detroit Lions.

The man infamously tabbed ‘Stat Padford’ by Detroit sportswriters the last decade, for his 0 playoff victories and only 1 Pro Bowl appearance in his 12 years in for the Lions, tied for the lead-league in interceptions during the regular season in Los Angeles, but proved to be the missing puzzle piece come postseason time, as Stafford commandeered dramatic touchdown drives in the dying seconds of the Rams' last three playoff victories against the 49ers, Bucs, and Bengals, culminating in the Super Bowl title.

Despite throwing two interceptions in the Super Bowl, Stafford finished the postseason with a 108.3 passer rating.

Check out the segment above as Parker details why he thinks ‘any top 15 quarterback’ could have won that Super Bowl with the Rams on arguably the league’s best roster, even going on to say that the often-derided Ryan Tannehill would have been good enough to lead the stacked Rams to a Super Bowl title.

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