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Rob Parker Doubts Sean McVay: 'He's Not One of the Great Coaches Right Now'

Chris Broussard: “What’s your opinion on Sean McVay now that he’s got the Super Bowl? What is your opinion on McVay if he does indeed step down, he’s had a heck of a career and he’s only 36.”

Rob Parker: “So far, I don’t know how great he is as a coach. I’m talking about clock management, plays…there is stuff with Sean McVay where you go ‘ehhh, I don’t know if that was the right play, what are they doing, should they eat clock?...’ They still give the ball back to the Bengals with 1:25 left. There are a lot of things inside the game where people can question him. Remember he got undressed by Bill Belichick? They didn’t make much of an adjustment in the second half. So I don’t know how great he is. They just mortgaged everything, which is fine because they got a Super Bowl, but I don’t know, the jury is still out for me. If I had to pick one side or the other I would say he’s not one of the great football coaches.”

Broussard: “You mean all-time or right now?”

Parker: “Right now, I wouldn’t say he’s the greatest coach. There are other people in the NFL, not just me, but people in the game who look at the technical stuff who might not feel like that as well. I’m not convinced yet that it’s about HIM… I could look at a guy like Bill Parcells and see he can build a team, and he can coach… if it wasn’t for a star-studded roster I don’t know for sure whether McVay could be ‘that guy.’”

Broussard: “IF YOU WANNA DEBATE WILL YOU BRING SOME LOGIC? WILL YOU BRING SOME REASON? WILL YOU BRING SOME INTELLIGENCE? ‘sEaN mCvAy iS nOt a gReAt cOaCh’, what does he have to do??” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Rob Parker and Chris Broussard get into a heated debate after Parker says that Super Bowl champion head coach Sean McVay is 'not one of the great coaches in the NFL right now’, which Rob arguing that many coaches could have won big with the elite level of talent the Rams have.

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