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Rob Parker Says 'Fraud' James Harden Will Never Win a Championship

Rob Parker: “IT’S OFFICIAL NBA AMERICA, JAMES HARDEN IS A FRAUD. You should not be surprised that this guy hasn’t won yet despite his enormous talent. He runs, he hides, he doesn’t produce when games are big, and worst of all, this guy has played with a plethora of great players in the NBA. He had Durant and Westbrook in OKC, he had Dwight Howard, Russ, and CP3 in Houston, Durant and Kyrie in Brooklyn, and now he’s going to Embiid. You can’t keep hiding, you can’t keep running, you can’t keep using other people and situations as excuses. JAMES HARDEN – IT’S YOU! YOU’RE THE REASON WHY YOU HAVEN’T BEEN ABLE TO WIN AND YOU COULD WIND UP IN A CAREER WHERE YOU DON’T WIN. I would take Charles Barkley not winning any day over you because you continue to do the same thing over and over. It would be one thing if you were tremendous in the postseason, but it just hasn’t been the case… When it’s all said and done, James Harden, people will realize that YOU were the problem. They can retire your jersey in the strip club, that’s cool, you can keep that long beard and be Santa Claus if you want, but the bottom line will be, they can make a statue of you and in one hand will be a suitcase for you moving place to place forcing your way out, and the other hand will be empty because there will be no NBA Finals trophy for you, Mr. James Harden.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Rob Parker explain why he thinks last week’s blockbuster trade between the Brooklyn Nets and Philadelphia 76ers that saw the teams most notably swap James Harden and Ben Simmons, officially wrote the book on Harden having a ‘fraud’ career as a guy who always quit on his team when the going got tough.

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