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Why Ben Simmons is a 'Phony' When it Comes to Mental Health

Ben Maller: “Ben Simmons has all but confirmed by his actions that the conspiracy theorists appear to be validated here. Ben Simmons in Philadelphia was a charlatan. A fake, a phony, and a fraud, and this guy has been hiding under the ‘mental health’ card from the bottom of the deck, knowing that it makes you untouchable in a polite society. The establishment media are afraid of even slightly criticizing someone who makes this claim. Many of the ‘wokesters’ blindly accept any kind of claim in this area. It’s the ‘third rail’, and you’re headed to the electric chair if you challenge any sort of claim of someone saying ‘I’m a little off mentally.’ If you say it’s ‘mental health’, the media has to believe you – hook, line, and sink. There is no proof needed and no questions should be asked, you just accept because if he said it then it must be true. The moral of the story here is that Ben Simmons was able to play the system. He didn’t play it perfectly because he did get fined a lot of money, but every man, woman, and child should be able to agree that the people around Ben Simmons are a bunch of dopes. It’s not right, and it cheapens people who have legitimate claims and legitimate issues. Because Ben Simmons is a star athlete, he can claim this and he gets a pass. It’s ridiculous and it cheapens legitimate claims. The issue is not with Ben Simmons, it’s the people around the NBA world, the lemmings, who continue to stand by Ben Simmons even after we have direct evidence showing that this was likely a ruse. We have loads of social media psychiatrists giving diagnoses on what happened here. We have the facts now, he didn’t want to play in Philly anymore, they said mean things about him – boo, hoo, hoo, and they tossed verbal raspberries at him because he didn’t make shots, so it was uncomfortable for him. Does that mean it’s mental illness because people were booing you in sports? Any time someone gets booed in sports it’s mental illness?? Is that where we are right now? Is that the standard? I would like to think not. These are grown-up problems you have as a star athlete. Is it also true that the 76ers were so toxic that Ben Simmons despised being in Philly so much that he agreed to a $177 million contract to stay there? Must have been pure AGONY, must have been horrible! Instead of handling your business like a grown-up, he acted like a gutless puke… Does he expect to get applause when he plays like a bum at the end of playoff games and he’s so passive that he’s afraid to shoot? Is he supposed to get a standing ovation, a statue, and his number retired??” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Ben Maller explain why he’s not buying Ben Simmons’ battle with ‘mental health’ as the real reason for his deterioration and eventual exodus from Philadelphia, as Maller believes ‘gutless’ Simmons simply played the mental health card to a new team because he knows we currently live in an era where such an excuse can never be faithfully questioned by NBA front offices and the mainstream media.

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