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Colin Cowherd: Kevin Durant is Not a Leader He's Just Talented

Colin Cowherd: “I’m reading this story that James Harden was traded because Kevin Durant wanted him traded. Once again Durant doesn’t get along with a great teammate. He didn’t get along with Westbrook, who with all his faults is usually well-liked by teammates. He didn’t get along with Steph Curry, which is virtually impossible. EVERYBODY in the league likes Steph Curry. He didn’t get along with Draymond Green at the end, a very likeable guy. Now he doesn’t get along with James Harden. I don’t blame him on this one but he and Kyrie Irving don’t talk much. Steve Kerr told someone I know a couple years ago that coaching KD is 'walking on eggshells'. Now you want me to think it’s going to work with Kyrie and Ben Simmons? It’s NOT going to work. Remember a couple of years ago we found out that Kevin Durant had a burner account? Ever met someone with a burner account? It’s kind of weird, secretive, non-confrontational -- you want to say things but you don’t have the guts to say them to people…I think he’s so talented that GM’s, coaches, and owners have always tried to appease him, but in the end he’s always left on an island. Let’s think about some big winners in the NBA, they all do it differently. LeBron’s way is that he’s going to control everything. He’s going to be a de-facto GM and a coach on the floor. He’s into ‘I got this’, and puts you on his back. Michael Jordan didn’t want to be the GM but he would punch you if he didn’t agree with you. He was very confrontational, and Kobe Bryant had some of that. Steph Curry is ‘let’s all get along’, I’m going to let the coach ‘coach’ and the GM ‘GM.’ Steph is going to facilitate a lot of different communication. What does Kevin Durant do? He doesn’t really ever facilitate. He’s not willing to take the responsibility of the GM, he’s not going to put you on his back like LeBron, he’s not a ‘goody-goody’ going to get along with everyone like Steph, and he’s not confrontational like Jordan or Kobe -- he had a burner account. He always ends up being on an island, and now he’s on an island with Ben Simmons who is aloof, and Kyrie Irving who is a little odd. His whole career he’s been an ‘on an island’ guy, and his problem is that he gets to the playoffs and he’s just got to do it himself. That’s a really hard way to win in this league. I don’t think he’s a bad guy but when people used to compare Durant with LeBron, I was like ‘whoa, whoa, whoa.’ Michael is a leader, Steph is a leader, LeBron is a leader, Kevin Durant is just talented. When I think of the other guys I think ‘leadership’, when I think Durant I just think ‘talented.’ Harden and Embiid are going to get along better than Durant and the misfit toys that are now the Brooklyn Nets, I’ll make that guarantee. At some point you can’t live on an island.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he doesn’t consider Kevin Durant a ‘leader’ and just thinks of him as a super-talented player who tries to distance himself from the major responsibilities of being a franchise player.

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