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Colin Cowherd: Lakers Need to Trade 'Brittle' Anthony Davis, Blow Up Roster

Colin Cowherd: “When you’re rebuilding you can’t get distracted by the little stuff, you have to look big picture. Don’t get distracted if you’re the Lakers because you beat Utah. Last night Anthony Davis got hurt AGAIN and it looked brutal. He’s increasingly brittle and we know that and the Lakers are in ninth place in the West. They’re not close to a Milwaukee, they’re not close to a Philadelphia, they’re not as good as a Miami in the East. I said this yesterday BEFORE he got hurt – I would trade Anthony Davis and start over. This is not a great roster, it’s an old roster, it lacks great chemistry, it doesn’t have depth…don’t get distracted beating Utah. The Rams are celebrating a Super Bowl and you’re clinging to a win over Utah while you’re ninth in the West? What’s remarkable is that LeBron is still excellent, he was dominating late last night, and a guy who is going to get MVP votes can’t even get this roster above ninth. Anthony Davis has now become the worst possible teammate for 19th year LeBron. He’s simply unreliable. With Anthony Davis’ unreliability, the Lakers don’t have a second option on any given night. There’s nothing to grab onto with this organization. Are they an elite three-point shooting team? Nah. Are they an elite defensive team? Nah. Do they have great chemistry? Nah. How about draft picks? No. How about youth, some young ascending players?? Nope, don’t have that either. This is a ‘blow up’ roster, that’s what it is. Buy low, sell high, I think it’s time to move off Anthony Davis. I don’t think you should look at it as a failure, he came as a brittle player and got you a championship. The pandemic did the Lakers, more than any team in the league, a huge favor; it gave brittle AD and older LeBron a four-month hiatus. They’ve never duplicated it and it’s been disappointing since. It’s time to move off AD and start over.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks the 27-31 Lakers need to trade Anthony Davis this offseason and attempt a massive roster rebuild.

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