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Doug Gottlieb: Don't Believe Anything Bruce Arians Says About Tom Brady

Doug Gottlieb: “I was listening to Bruce Arians talk and he sounded incredibly enthusiastic about retiring, he sounded incredibly enthusiastic about the prospects of the Buccaneers, and he sounded like this was in fact, his decision and he felt good about it…and I don’t buy it for one second. It doesn’t mean he’s not happy about getting paid to not coach football for a position they’re basically inventing. Over/under on number of days Bruce Arians spends in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers offices in the offseason? If it’s one I would take the UNDER. In the regular season you’re talking about maybe once a week he pops in?? Think of the succession of events: Brady retires and it felt weird because he was playing so well, they don’t rush to replace him, he decides to come back, there’s a report of a riff between the two [Arians and Brady], there’s a report that maybe Brady wants to play in Miami, Rob Gronkowski is not committed to coming back yet, and now all of the sudden Arians announces he’s going to retire, and he says he’s going to retire because Brady came back to help his coaching staff...that doesn’t make sense. What makes the most sense is Tom Brady walked in and says ‘I’ll come back, I miss it, but this feels like a group project and Bruce Arians is the guy who misses a bunch of meetings or always shows up late, and wants to just do the oral part of the presentation when you’re doing all the work'… You got one guy [Tom Brady] who on a Saturday morning is in there at 5 in the morning drinking coffee and watching film. The most successful quarterback of all time is also the most prepared quarterback of all time, and he was working with Bruce Arians, who it’s not like he’s a slappy and doesn’t know what he’s doing, but it’s 5 o’clock somewhere if it’s Bruce Arians. Do you think Bruce is a 5 am on a Saturday type of guy? It feels obvious that Brady is just like ‘I can’t do that anymore. I’d love to come back, I’d love to play some more, but Bruce runs too loose a ship.’ Bruce Arians is not a bad football coach, but yesterday he wanted you to believe that he’s sacrificing a chance at Canton to retire for his assistant coaches. C’mon dude, STOP IT. Tom Brady basically pulled a reverse Jimmy Chitwood. ‘Yeah I feel like it’s time for me to play some more ball, but if Bruce stays, I sit. Bruce goes, and I’m your guy.’

Listen to Doug Gottlieb, guest-hosting for Colin Cowherd on The Herd, discuss the shocking news of Bruce Arians stepping down as Buccaneers head coach, as Gottlieb details why he’s not buying the reasoning for Arians’ sudden departure, saying there’s no way Tom Brady didn’t have something to do with Arians' ousting and supposed 'repurposing.'

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