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Kevin Durant's Missed Shot Illustrates the Problem With 'Hero Ball'

Chris Broussard & Rob Parker react to the Milwaukee Bucks surviving the Brooklyn Nets and debate if the missed final shot by Kevin Durant might be a part of a bigger problem in basketball. Chris describes this problem as hero ball. Hero ball is a concept more notably associated with NBA greats who have the duty of taking the final shot no matter the amount of defense they are going up against in any given game without much of a plan.

In the video above, Chris Broussard explains why Kevin Durant's use of 'hero ball' was an unwise tactic in the face of a much better offensive option.

The inbounder, Goran Dragic, was wide open for a game-winning layup, and Durant took the three. It wasn't a horrible shot, especially for a guy like him who could hit it, but the best play was to hit Dragic for the layup, and they win...I'm not killing Durant. I just think that mentality should go in the NBA. I think it should be, 'Let's run something where maybe our best players get the ball and make something happen or creating for a teammate.' But it shouldn't be the feeling like, 'oh, we gotta go to Durant, we gotta go to Kyrie or Giannis.'