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Backlash towards Duke Has Been a Long Time Coming

Photo: Jamie Squire

Social media was clearly happy to see Mike Krzyzewski and his Duke Blue Devils get bounced from the tournament by North Carolina, so Dan Patrick contemplates where all that hate is stemming from. He compares them to the rock band U2, reminding us that, despite their obvious excellence, nobody wants to be forced to watch/listen to them. After 30+ years of having them shoved down our throat, it’s no wonder hoops fans are fed up with their success.

Dan Patrick: “The only comparison I can make is probably not a sports team, but a band: U2. Because U2 was really popular, and they were in the 80’s as well, 90’s, and then remember when they emailed you their album, that was their deal with Apple I think, or they sent it to you? I think people were like, ‘I didn’t ask for this.’ But you got it. And then it felt like people turned on U2 even though that’s one of the great rock bands in history. Duke, it just felt like Duke was forced down our throat...”