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2022 Lakers Proving that LeBron's 2020 NBA Title in the Bubble Was a Fraud

Ben Maller: “Is this Lakers team missing the playoffs a clear referendum on LeBron James’ legacy in the NBA? ONE THOUSAND PERCENT. On the humiliation scale, 1-10, the Lakers failing to even get in the play-in tournament scores a 436. This is the single most embarrassing moment in NBA history from a team perspective. It is a flabbergasting outcome that will surely haunt LeBron James, and even the biggest LeBron suck-up can’t pass this one off. This was the Hindenburg. Even in our wildest negative dreams we never thought it would get to this level of debacle. LeBron has just authored the single most embarrassing chapter in NBA history. The 2021/2022 Lakers will live in infamy and LeBron’s fingerprints are all over it. The NBA added this fugazi play-in tournament just as insurance in case a glamour team like the Lakers somehow fell on hard times. There are 15 teams in the East and 15 teams in the West, and 10 out of 15 teams in each conference qualify for at least the play-in tournament. That means you have a 66.7% chance at making the postseason, but it’s actually more than that considering there are several teams who are not even trying to make it anywhere close to the play-in tournament. The Pelicans, who are ahead of the Lakers, played all year without Zion Williamson. The Spurs unloaded Derrick White and Thaddeus Young during the season for draft capital and raised the white flag, and now they’re in the play-in tournament. LeBron’s Lakers have a worse record in the second half, 10-28 than the Trailblazers who are 11-27 and have admitted they are not even trying, and even they have more wins than this fraudulent Lakers team. This season helps substantiate that the title LeBron is credited in Los Angeles is fools’ gold. This validates that the NBA needs to put an asterisk next to that 2020 Bubble title. It’s the single-most counterfeit title in the history of the sport of basketball. It was a direct by-product of the Lakers having almost five months to rest up before going to a Mickey Mouse resort in Florida to win a goofy ring. When LeBron’s Lakers have had to play a full season without a full summer vacation here are the results: in 2019 they finished 37-55, in 2020 they get a cartoon ring, in 2021 Lakers get eliminated in the first round, in 2022 they failed to make the playoffs. The jury is in, the Lakers needed a global pandemic with LeBron to get a make-believe title. If an NBA team wins a title in an empty arena and no one is around to hear it or see it, does it actually count? Only the casuals and the low information fan will say it’s legit. Anyone with a brain who knows basketball will say how ridiculous that title was, and these last two years overwhelmingly prove it. King James is now the king of Turd Mountain. This ends the Michael Jordan-LeBron debate.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Ben Maller of Fox Sports Radio absolutely defile LeBron James and the failed Los Angeles Lakers, as Maller calls the recently mathematically eliminated Lakers the authors of the ‘most embarrassing chapter in NBA history.’

Check out the video above as Maller details why he thinks this failed season invalidates the Lakers’ 2020 championship in Orlando’s Bubble during the COVID pandemic, as Mallers says these last two disastrous Lakers seasons prove how much of a ‘fraudulent Mickey Mouse ring’ that year dealt.

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