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Betting Options For Tiger Woods At The Masters

The Masters - Preview Day 3

Photo: Getty Images North America

RJ Bell: “It’s like going to pay $12 for gas versus $3...doesn’t make much sense to pay $12! That’s what you’re doing if you’re betting who’s gonna win it, but you can pay $3 if you bet the match-ups! AJ, right now, Tiger Woods is matched up against Webb Simpson, and looking at his odds to win the tournament, he’s 130-to-1. Now, Tiger’s odds are 45-to-1, correct? Now, here’s the question, what are the odds in that match up? Webb Simpson is the favorite!”

On today's edition of Straight Outta Vegas, RJ Bell and the Straight Outta Vegas crew offered up some betting strategies on this weekends Masters and the much hyped return of Tiger Woods to the green!