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Rob Parker: LeBron James Deserves All Blame for Lakers Missing the Playoffs

In the video above Chris Broussard & Rob Parker debate where to place the blame for the Lakers missing the NBA Playoffs and Play-in.

Rob Parker: "This is going out to LeBron James and all you Faker, I mean Laker fans. I TOLD YOU!! I told you this wouldn't work from day one. I told you LeBron James is the worst general manager in the history of the National Basketball Association. I'm not shocked. Who's shocked today? You wanna pull the tape? Go to YouTube. Rob Parker stuck his chest out on this very radio show on this very radio network and said, "Not only will they NOT make the playoffs, they won't be in the top 10, hence they won't be a part of the play-in." I never bought into this. This was a sham and a fraud...LeBron James, this is squarely on you. You are to blame. WEAR IT!! YOU did this to this Lakers organization and you are public enemy #1 today with Laker fans."
Chris Broussard: "STOP IT! Last time I checked, LeBron James ain't the GM!! Don't tell me LeBron strong-armed the front office! If you're gonna be a GM, a boss in anything then BE THE BOSS!!"