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Doug Gottlieb Rips Lakers' Firing of Frank Vogel: 'That Organization Sucks'

Photo: Harry How

Doug Gottlieb on Frank Vogel hearing he was fired as Lakers head coach via Twitter: “I don’t blame Woj [Adrian Wojnarowski), but incessant need to be first, could you have waited until they were loaded up and on the team plane? Yeah, you could have. Would you have gotten beaten by Shams [Charania] for the story? You probably would have, but it’s not Woj’s or Sham’s fault, this is simply the Lakers. No one is surprised by it and everyone knew it was coming but could you have waited two hours more if you were the Lakers? This is on the Lakers [not Woj or Shams for reporting it]. What good was done by someone leaking out to Adrian Wojnarowski that ‘we’ve decided we’re going to fire Frank Vogel!’ Who does that? What’s the point? What’s the win? Did you curry favor with Woj because you gave him the story? I guess, but you show yourself to be completely and utterly classless. Everybody knew it was coming, it was a foregone conclusion, and Frank knew it was coming, but you know as soon as you give it to Woj or Shams they go right with it. I blame the Lakers. That organization SUCKS. It’s not a good organization. The players they will treat like royalty, everybody else not so much. You’ll hear people say ‘they should go get Nick Nurse!’ You think Nick Nurse wants to leave Toronto for that?? First, they’re cheap. Second, why is he going to leave Toronto? For THAT?? So he can coach Russell Westbrook, whose last three coaches have all been fired? NO THANKS. PASS. So he can coach LeBron James? In Toronto they move the ball, LeBron doesn’t move the ball. The organization sucks and that’s exactly what it felt like with that Woj tweet. Don’t blame Woj, his job is to get the story and report it. That’s on whoever in the Lakers organization felt so empowered that they leaked it out DURING their last game when they could have waited until they got on the flight and then texted Woj.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Doug Gottlieb blast the Lakers for their handling of Frank Vogel’s firing over the weekend, which was first broken by ESPN NBA reporter Adrian Wojnarowski on Twitter even before the Lakers had officially parted way with Vogel.

Check out the audio above as Gottlieb called the series of events ‘utterly classless’, as the Lakers hadn’t even finished playing their final regular-season game when news of the firing had been reported.

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