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The Real Reason Why Russell Westbrook's Career Has Unraveled

Colin Cowherd: “There was a really interesting article in the LA Times about how bad the Westbrook situation was. He apparently didn’t get along with Vogel and told him ‘Only I bring the ball up the floor.’ Harden was Westbrook’s friend and he couldn’t play with him, KD was his friend and couldn’t play with him, and LeBron was his friend and can’t play with him. He can’t play well with others. Remember when you were a little kid in school and the teacher said ‘DOESN’T PLAY WELL WITH OTHERS.’ That’s like Westbrook. You would think at 32-33 he would have some self-awareness but it just doesn’t work. He’s a very rigid and very stubborn guy. Go look at the list of the last 10 MVPs, who doesn’t fit? It’s a lot of selfless guys, guys who are good at both ends of the floor, guys that aged well… It’s Jokic, Giannis twice, Harden, Curry twice, Durant, LeBron twice… and then Westbrook – selfish, rigid, stubborn, can’t shoot, will not age well. He’s 33 years old and is a shot fighter. Nobody wants his contract but somebody will take it because it will expire and then open up cap space. It doesn’t work and everybody knows it doesn’t work. The fact that LeBron struggles with this – it doesn’t matter how many games you play together, Westbrook is not a player who can play off the ball. LeBron is a player who NEEDS the ball so if Westbrook and LeBron play together, Westbrook cannot have the ball in his hands, and have LeBron sitting there watching him maneuver. That’s just not their game, your game is your game. AD, LeBron, and Westbrook played together 21 times and they were .500. They can’t even identify the obvious problems… You can overcome a lot in the NFL but you can’t overcome a bad front office. If the front office is a mess, you’re a mess. If ownership is weak, you’re in big trouble.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks Russell Westbrook has gone from timeless superstar to NBA journeyman all in the same of just a few seasons, as the former triple-double maven has turned into one of the most toxic names in basketball

Check out the video above as Colin details where it all went wrong for the 33-year-old who reportedly clashed heavily with now-fired and former Lakers head coach, Frank Vogel.

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