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Are We Witnessing the Death of Player Generated Super Teams in the NBA?

In the video above, Chris Broussard & Rob Parker discuss what to make of an article that pointed out that the NBA Playoffs will feature several NBA teams with rosters built organically by the front office without superstars recruiting superstars. Many of the teams meant to be super like the Clippers, Nets, or Lakers either suffered from numerous injuries or just had factors beyond their control keeping their superstars sidelined.

Chris Broussard: "Outside of Brooklyn which is a 7th seed all these teams are organic. Do you think the shine is coming off the player-generated super teams?"
Rob Parker: "No I don't think so only because the two biggest teams that you talked about were both derailed by health. It's not like they failed and didn't win. So I don't think it's there yet. If the Nets are together for a couple of years and all three of those guys are healthy and they don't win, maybe if the Clippers who went to the western conference finals last year without Kawhi, if they don't win, then maybe it might change. I think there are some changing opinions from players but I still think that there will be teams that will try, if they feel they can get a player or two, to come together to join somebody and try to win."