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Lakers Should Take Back Control of the Organization by Trading LeBron James

Earvin "Magic" Johnson & Rob Pelinka Los Angeles Lakers Media Availability

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Tuesday on 2 Pros and a Cup of Joe, Jonas Knox dares the Lakers to regain their identity by trading LeBron James, but Brady Quinn and LaVar Arrington tell him what other avenues need to be considered first.

Jonas Knox: "If you're the Lakers organization and you're not one of these doormat organizations that you're desperate to be relevant, why don't you grow a pair of balls and trade LeBron James? Be the first organization that says we're done with this crap. You can still get a bunch in return and then start moving forward and get your organization back."
Brady Quinn: "With all their history of this storied franchise, you don't think they want to have LeBron James on their roster when he passes Wilt Chamberlain?"
Jonas Knox: "I don't think they should think in those terms."
LaVar Arrington: "They need a guy to put asses in the seats though. If you're going to let LeBron go, you're not just going to have people coming to watch the Lakers play just because they're the Lakers... You're not going to find the perfect storm of a player with the popularity and the draw like Lebron James."