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Sports Doctor Breaks Down the Severity of Luka Doncic's Calf Injury

Brian Sutterer: “According to Jeff Stotts from @InStreetClothes, the average time lost in the NBA this season for just the non-descript ‘calf strain’ is 16 days, so Luka could certainly be looking at a significant amount of time missed, especially considering the timing of the playoffs.”

Listen to sports doctor Brian Sutterer discuss Mavericks star Luka Doncic’s ominous calf injury, which couldn’t have occurred at a worse time for 52-win Dallas with their NBA Playoffs series vs. the Utah Jazz set to begin this Saturday, April 16th.

Doncic controversially hurt himself late in the third quarter in the Mavericks' regular-season finale against San Antonio, a game where Dallas could have moved from the no. 4 seed to the no. 3 seed with a win and a Warriors loss, but Mavs head coach Jason Kidd took heat for leaving Doncic in during a time where Dallas had a massive lead on San Antonio, and Golden State held a massive lead on New Orleans.

Ironically, Doncic would not have been eligible for the game vs. the Spurs if not for the NBA rescinding a 16th technical Doncic had committed the game before, which would have led to a one-game suspension.

Instead, Doncic, who is averaging 30.2 points in the second half of the season, hurt his calf while closing out on defense during a stretch late in the third quarter where he was likely just seconds away from being substituted out for the rest of the contest.

Check out the video above as Sutterer discusses the injury, and references Kevin Durant’s infamous calf injury from 2019, which tragically led to a torn Achilles tendon and the end of the Warriors dynasty.

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