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Kyler Murray Sitting Out Would Be Bad Business for Both Parties

Photo: Chris Coduto

Plaxico Burress: "I was in the same situation as Kyler Murray. I wanted a new deal and I still had 3 years left on my contract. And Jerry Reese was like 'listen, man, we are not giving you a new contract, you've still got 3 years left on your deal.' But I was in a different situation because I was just coming off of winning a Super Bowl, 1,100 yard season, 12 TDs, and leading my team. I told them, 'I just wanted to be compensated for the work that I put out there on the field. We just went out there and won a world championship, and I'm the 21st-highest paid receiver in football. I just want to get paid what I think I'm worth!' They ended up saying they would work for me, and I ended up getting my deal, even though I had 3 years left on my contract.
But Kyler Murray is not in the situation where he is elite and can make $40 million a year. He has to go out there and play and prove his worth, so the Arizona Cardinals can look back and say 'let's give him what he deserves.' But right now, I don't think he's a $40 million a year quarterback."
TJ Houshmandzadeh: "Kyler Murray sitting out would be bad business for both parties. The Cardinals are going to stink. You're going to get fined if you're Kyler Murray. Look around the league, who would actually trade for a quarterback? You can't go to Seattle, he won't go in the division. You could possibly say 1, maybe 2 teams if they don't draft one, the Panthers and Washington? Outside of that, who else?"

LaVar Arrington, TJ Houshmandzadeh, and Plaxico Burress react to the stalemate in contract extension talks between Kyler Murray and the Arizona Cardinals. Plaxico compares Murray's approach to the way he approached getting a contract extension early in his career, and explains why Murray still hasn't proved he is worthy of the huge money commitment. LaVar and TJ explore the potential new homes for Murray, explaining why the Pittsburgh Steelers may have huge interest in the young quarterback.