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James Harden’s “Superstar” Status Is Suspect

Photo: Timothy Nwachukwu

James Harden is with yet another team, once again trying to finally get himself a ring, but Doug Gottlieb thinks his days as an NBA superstar are behind him. He’s clearly still a great player and his Sixers have a legitimate shot this year, but he is no longer the centerpiece of his squad and can’t dominate a game like he once did. But it’s not the worst thing for Harden’s career and might ultimately increase his chances a landing that elusive title he has been searching for now that he isn’t trying to carry the entire load every night.

Doug Gottlieb: “James Harden’s teams have fallen short, generally because James Harden hasn’t been able to be James Harden in the playoffs. Now, when you combine that with the idea that maybe athletically he’s gone to a place where he’s not going to get it back, you wonder if James Harden and the superstar days are in the past, in the rearview, not the front windshield.”