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Sports Doctor Breaks Down the Severity of Devin Booker's Hamstring Injury

Brian Sutterer, MD: “Important to understand right off the bat, this appears to be his right side. The hamstring injury he sustained earlier in the season in which I believe he missed 7 games was his left side. So the decision about re-injury rates from a hamstring injury – two different sides, two different injuries… One good prognostic sign right away was that Booker did not seem to be limping off the court. He didn’t appear to be antalgic, which is reassuring that any pain wasn’t so severe at least right away. Similarly, when he was on the bench we could see the massage and tissue work being done more distal and in the muscle belly, as opposed to up higher near the buttock where the muscle tendon originates, which is generally a more concerning injury… Prognostically, hamstring injuries that are more in the muscle belly do better than hamstring injuries located up near the tendon, so again, where the athletic trainers and medical staff were massaging down in this muscle belly is at least one initially reassuring prognostic sign that we can see from the video. It’s too early to say how much time he could miss here, but there are certainly some good prognostic signs, again, where the location of the pain seemed to be, the fact that he wasn’t limping a lot when he came off the court, but even a mild hamstring strain can result in multiple days lost, which of course in the playoffs can be a big deal. I’m also glad to see this wasn’t a reinjuring of the same side because the more you pile on those repeat injuries the more challenging they can be to overcome.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to sports doctor Brian Sutterer break down Devin Booker’s untimely hamstring injury that he suffered in Phoenix’s game 2 loss against the Pelicans on Tuesday, as Booker is reported to be sidelined for at least the next two games.

Booker was torching New Orleans early on, totaling 31 points by halftime but appeared to injure his hamstring with 4:45 left in the third quarter while defending a Jaxson Hayes’ dunk attempt. Phoenix would lose the game after the Pelicans would outscore Phoenix 69-53 in the second half.

Check out the segment above as Sutterer details the early prognostics while analyzing how the injury went down.

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