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Rob Parker Defends NBA Awards Voters From Draymond Green's Comments

Golden State Warriors v Philadelphia 76ers

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Golden State Warriors' Forward/Center Draymond Green had some choice words for how the NBA Awards process is handled and thinks it's "disgusting" that these achievements are voted on by the media. Here's what Green said during The Draymond Green Show from Colin Cowherd's network The Volume:

"I think when you look at voting for All-NBA, when you look at voting for Defensive Player of the Year, Most Improved Player, MVP, ultimately these things are voting on by the media, which I think is absolutely disgusting...Because these are human beings that could have personal issues against guys because that does happen."

In the video above, Chris Broussard (NBA Voter) and Rob Parker (MLB HOF Voter) dispute Green's claim and explain how and why the process is better in the hands of the media rather than players.

Rob Parker: "The most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. Typical uninformed, uneducated opinion. We have an axe to grind? When the commissioner gave players the right to vote for the all-star game and 128 wouldn't even vote for LeBron or Kevin Durant (154) and you're saying the media has an axe to grind or we're human beings and we hold grudges? Stop! I will put up our record of media people voting for these major awards any day over players who usually are uninformed about what other players are doing, who usually have a bias against each other because they play."
Chris Broussard: "Draymond is so wrong it's ludicrous. What are players? Machines? Who do you want voting? A bunch of machines? Do you want the analytics crew to vote? Your numbers aren't very good. Your defensive numbers are but the people give you props because of the eye test. They watch how valuable you are to your team. They watch you run the offense and defend. Your numbers aren't anything special. Whoever votes are going to be human beings unless you just do numbers."