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Ja Morant Is The Next Kobe Bryant

Jason Smith: "Everyday Ja Morant grows by leaps and bounds, when you compare him to so-called 'NBA Superstars', he is above and beyond any player right now, he is the next Kobe Bryant. Stars who want the shot, will always take the shot. He had no fear in taking that final shot tonight, he's got more of a killer instinct than LeBron James. LeBron James always wants to make the high IQ 'correct basketball play', but he doesn't take that shot most of the time. Ja Morant is right on, I'd want him to take the game winning shot more than LeBron James, no questions asked."

Jason Smith gives his case on why Ja Morant is the next Kobe Bryant and why you'd want Ja Morant to take the final shot over LeBron James.