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Kevin Durant Deserves the Same Blame as LeBron James

Photo: Yong Teck Lim

The Brooklyn Nets got swept out of the NBA Playoffs by the Boston Celtics last night and the inevitable questions over whom to blame have begun. While it’s clear there is plenty of blame to go around, Dan reminds us that Kevin Durant was as involved in putting this team together as LeBron James was in assembling the Lakers squad. While it’s certainly debatable whether it’s better to get swept in the first round than to miss the playoffs entirely, there is no question that both teams had a terribly disappointing run this season and their superstars should shoulder much of the responsibility.

Dan Patrick: “If we’re going to hammer LeBron about, ‘Oh, you built this team, now you gotta take the blame,’ I gotta do that to Kevin Durant as well. He wanted Steve Nash, he wanted to partner with Kyrie, didn’t want to go to the Knicks; he was involved in this. And then, ‘James Harden, my buddy, come on over! Oh, you’re out of shape and you don’t want to play here? OK, we’ll take Ben Simmons.’ And he doesn’t even play at all.”