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The Brooklyn Nets: A Story of Missing Pieces and Empty Promises

AJ Hoffman: You could've got 14/1 odds on a clean sweep before the playoffs began. What do you think RJ?
RJ Bell: I don't want to give a bias position, let me pass it off to our guest Scott Seidenberg.
Scott Seidenberg: Missing pieces hurt them, I think missing Joe Harris was the biggest story that no one is talking about. Obviously, Ben Simmons not getting on the floor hurt them and Seth Curry isn't 'that guy'. Andre Drummond is a shell of what he use to be and I don't know know what they have to do to be better, and building around two players is tough. It's a flawed system.

RJ Bell welcomes Scott Seidenberg to the show and they both give their thoughts on the clean sweep of the Nets.