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Dan Snyder, Washington Football Franchise Facing More Damning Accusations

Virginia Attorney General Jason Miyares has notified the Washington Commanders that his office is looking into alleged financial misconduct. The investigation stems from a letter the U.S. House Committee on Oversight and Reform sent to the Federal Trade Commission two weeks ago.

The letter detailed testimony from several team executives who claimed the organization had two separate sets of financial books. One contained the entire financial picture of the team, while the other included underreported ticket revenue. The second book was sent to the NFL, which the league used to determine how much money from ticket sales should be shared with other teams.

The former employee told Congress that team owner Dan Snyder knew about the scheme.

The Commanders issued a statement denying the allegations.

"The team categorically denies any suggestion of financial impropriety of any kind at any time. We adhere to strict internal processes that are consistent with industry and accounting standards, are audited annually by a globally respected independent auditing firm, and are also subject to regular audits by the NFL. We continue to cooperate fully with the Committee's work," the team said in a statement.

The NFL said it is looking into the matter as well and has hired former Securities and Exchange Commission chair Mary Jo White "to review the most serious matters raised by the committee."

In addition to the investigation by Miyares, the Commanders are also being investigated by Congress for their workplace culture. The NFL conducted a review after numerous allegations of sexual misconduct and harassment by high-level executives, but the report was not released.

Washington D.C. Attorney General Karl Racine also announced that his office is looking into allegations of sexual misconduct and workplace harassment.

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