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Gunshots Fired in Horrific Video at a Youth Baseball Game

A frightening video showed children scrambling after hearing nearby gunshots during a Dixie Youth league baseball game in South Carolina on Monday night.

A viewer shared footage of the incident with ABC News 4, which shows the children frantically running and taking cover as dozens of loud gunshots are heard during a game at Pepperhill Park in North Charleston at around 8:45 p.m. local time.

The North Charleston Police Department confirmed no one was injured during the incident.

One of the team's coaches has petitioned to prohibit North Charleston from hosting games at Pepperhill Park due to the incident and past examples of violence in the nearby area.

The gunshots came hours after North Charleston community leaders had condemned recent incidents of gun violence, saying they were "fed up" following a recent shooting within the city on Sunday (April 24) in which a 16-year-old was among two people killed, a family friend confirmed to ABC News 4.

A total of 11 homicides have already taken place in North Charleston in 2022, which is a nearly 100% increase from the six reported in 2021.

Members of the North Charleston Police Department and other community members have participated in recent peace marches as part of an effort to reduce the violent crime wave within the city, with the most recent demonstration taking place last Friday (April 22).

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