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Colin Cowherd on Fading Lakers: 'You're Watching a Glamour Brand Die'

Colin Cowherd: “I don’t think the Lakers are going to be a championship team for years to come… You can’t bring this back, and you don’t know basketball if you think THAT is going to work. LeBron and Westbrook will NOT work. The Lakers are becoming a mom-and-pop store in a world of big-box retailers. They are overly bothered by the HBO series [Winning Time] and are totally defensive about it. Kareem, Magic, Jerry, and Jeanie Buss are way too defensive about it. They have an injury-riddled roster, they’re kind of trapped in a lot of areas, they’re running through head coaches, and it feels like the Detroit Lions or the Cleveland Browns. Now they’re getting into PR whizzing matches with Klutch Sports… LA is now a market where USC and Lincoln Riley are going to get real good fast, Dodgers are the best-run team in baseball, the Rams are Super Bowl champs, the Clippers are a really smart organization who just has to get Kawhi Leonard healthy, LAFC is fantastic, and the Lakers are increasingly desperate and defensive and they should be. It’s a mess. You are watching a glamour brand not so slowly die. It’s really a mess and they are not close to being a championship team. When you start taking shots at Klutch Sports regularly, when you start getting overly defensive about an HBO dramatization, when you start running through coaches… it’s kind of embarrassing. This is so not the Lakers and it’s a problem. If you took away the ‘Lakers’ and wrote down all those problems you’d think it was the Lions.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd call out the Los Angeles Lakers organization for becoming a dying brand that has suddenly turned into the Cleveland Browns and Detroit Lions in the two years after their championship at Orlando’s ‘Bubble’.

Check out the video above as Colin details why the ‘mom-and-pop’ shop is being lapped by the ‘big-box’ brands that have entered the LA sports market in the last few years.

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