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Colin Cowherd Says Giannis is 'Better than Kevin Durant Ever Was'

Colin Cowherd: “Khris Middleton got hurt and Giannis, easily the best player in the league, put the team on his back and they crushed Chicago in three straight games. It’s so obvious now that Giannis is the best player. His number two player goes out – and we’ve seen what happened to Phoenix with Devin Booker, they’re in a fight – and the Bucks crush Chicago, who isn’t a bad team. We’ve spent a lot of time talking about KD this week, but Giannis is better than KD has ever been, I hate to break it to you. KD was never the best player in this league. He was on the best team and was Finals MVP, I’m not disputing that, but he was never better than LeBron in his prime, and I never thought there was a year that he was better than LeBron. Giannis is significantly better than LeBron today and it’s not even close. Better defensively? Not close. Better closer? Not close. Now he can shoot and handle the ball, and you get much less drama. Giannis is significantly better than LeBron, and KD was never better than LeBron. Right now Giannis is a better player than Kevin Durant. Kevin Durant is trapped, and because Giannis did a deal that is more team-friendly and easier to work with, and he's not as much the emotional wanderer, Giannis is going to dominate the East for years and years to come. Good luck with Ben Simmons and Kyrie, KD.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks Giannis Antetokounmpo is ‘easily the best player in the league’ right now, and detail why he believes Giannis at this point in his prime is better than Kevin Durant ever was at any point in his career.

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