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The Smoke and Mirrors Game Before an NFL Draft

The Smoke and Mirrors Game Before an NFL Draft

Photo: Getty Images North America

Today on Straight Outta Vegas with RJ Bell, RJ, AJ Hoffman, and Mackenzie Rivers jumped into the NFL Draft and they share what the odds in general tell us for the projected number one pick. Plus, the guys break down the smoke and mirrors game that surround the big day until the picks actually happen.

RJ Bell: One of the reasons these General Managers are talking is misinformation. Like the Steelers, they want to try and defray. You know, there's talk that there's one quarterback they might get. There's talk that Tomlin is very fond of another quarterback... Who is to say? So, there is a reason we have all this talk now. Six months ago, there was no reason. But if you're site XYZ, you got to have content..."

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