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Kevin Durant Never Gave Brooklyn a Real Chance to Win A Title With Him

Photo: Sarah Stier

Rob Parker: “Basketball-wise, I’m out on KD. I don’t like the way he moves, I don’t like what he’s done with his career, it’s all been questionable to me. It’s hard for me to hitch my wagon to a guy like that, and want to see him have success. I’m not rooting against him, but I can’t just be in his camp. The Nets took both him and Kyrie on, gave KD a $200 million max even though they knew he wouldn’t play the first season of it... They’ve done everything they could do, and I don’t see anything that the Nets have done wrong. This whole era has developed some of the most selfish players we’ve ever seen. They destroyed the Nets organization in terms of value and how they can move forward. I don’t like it at all and KD has lost a ton of respect.”
Chris Broussard: “Durant looks like a lost soul. He looks like when the going gets tough, he gets out of dodge. In OKC, he left after 9 hard fought years because it was tough. I don’t rip him for Golden State, but they were a stacked team. He played great, and made them better, but they ran through the finals. So for me, why not run it back with Brooklyn? If they had played out next season, and it went wrong, I’d be more understanding of him going elsewhere. But to your point Rob, they never gave it a real shot, which is the biggest crime.”

The Odd Couple’s Chris Broussard and Rob Parker react to Kevin Durant requesting a trade from the Brooklyn Nets. Chris and Rob are both disappointed with Durant’s decision, and feel he never gave Brooklyn a real shot to win a title.