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Pete Fiutak: “USC and UCLA’s Move is All Leading Toward Playoff Expansion”

Photo: Harry How

Pete Fiutak: “As we’re talking at the moment, I can pretty much guarantee that the College Football Playoff will consist of Alabama, Ohio State, Georgia and someone from the field, who is basically a sacrificial lamb. So as it speaks now, we already have a 2 conference system, and a couple good teams. But this will eventually lead to an expansion of the College Football Playoff. I think it will eventually expand to 12, with the conference winners from each power 5, they’ll throw a cookie to some group of 5 schools, and there will be other at-large bids for the bigger, more marketable schools. At the end of the day, once the ball is kicked off everyone will watch the games they watched before.... Also, the thing that gets lost in the mix is the academic side of things. With the move, UCLA has automatically claimed the spot as the 2nd best academic institution in the Big 10, next to Northwestern.”

Pete Fiutak of College Football News joins Mike Harmon and Rich Ohrnberger to discuss USC and UCLA’s shocking move to join the Big 10 by the 2024 season. Pete, Rich and Mike dive into how this affects the NCAA moving forward, how it will lead to college football playoff expansion and even how it will trickle down and affect the academic side of things.