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The Great NBA GM Ponzi Scheme Happening Now

Chris Broussard: "Let me say this, I get the value of the 1st round picks but they are so over blown. Folks this is a Ponzi Scheme that many GM’s are running – ‘I’ve got 9 first round picks!!’ So What! How many lottery picks have the Sacramento Kings had lately?!"
Rob Parker: "I’m 100% with you Chris, it’s a scam."
Chris Broussard: "Its ridiculous! They go to these owners and put up their Power-Point presentation and say ‘our team might sucks right now, but we have 9 first round picks in the next 3 year, and were gonna turn it around.’ Meanwhile, most 1st round picks don’t pan out and most lottery picks don’t pan out!"

Chris Broussard and Rob Parker take a deep dive into the huge Rudy Gobert trade and how its a scam.