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Kevin Durant Should Want to Return to Oklahoma City

Photo: Ronald Martinez

Dan Beyer: "Going to the Thunder would really help Kevin Durant. Even if Kevin Durant didn't want Oklahoma City, he should leak that that is an option. If he had any sort of really savvy nature, he would let that leak out. Then let Sam Presti be the one to shoot it down. That would be a unique, crazy story, and would do so much goodwill for Durant, who's had a lot of trouble incurring that goodwill as he leaves for wherever he wants to be."

Dan Beyer and Aaron Torres discuss why Kevin Durant forcing his way back to the Oklahoma City Thunder would be the most beneficial move Durant could make for his image and legacy. Dan breaks down why Durant should even try to float the rumor of wanting to go to OKC whether or not he has no real desire to do so, as the rumor alone would create positive attention for the future Hall of Famer.