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Ric Bucher on Lakers' Offseason: 'LeBron James Should Feel Devastated'

Ric Bucher: “LeBron should feel devastated and it’s not because they don’t have any traction on a Kyrie Irving trade that’s going to happen eventually… He should be devastated because of what Anthony Davis revealed when it came to what he’s been doing. For those that didn’t know, AD came out and said he hadn’t touched a ball since the beginning of April. His trainer has tried to come out and say he’s ‘gotten plenty of shots up’ and walk that back a bit. I’m not worried about him getting up shots, I’m worried about his body, I’m worried about his commitment, and I’m worried about his hunger since winning a championship in the bubble. They had a quick first-round exit two years ago – did that motivate AD to come back stronger and better trying to make it back on that championship trail? No, it did not. Has missing the playoffs and coming in 11th place in the Western Conference lit a fire under him? Apparently not. For all the talk about ‘are they going to get Kyrie?’, Kyrie Irving does not change the landscape for the Los Angeles Lakers, Anthony Davis does. If Anthony Davis is the player and the monster that he was in that short time in the Orlando bubble, then adding Kyrie would make them appreciably better. If Anthony Davis is nothing better than he was this past season, which was only partly available and a .500 record player when he was available, it doesn’t matter who they get. Even if they got Kevin Durant and AD can’t be the backbone of their defense, they are not coming anywhere close to a title. What he heard about AD should be the thing that devastates LeBron and has him worried that he’s going to go through another season exactly like the last one.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Ric Bucher explain why he thinks LeBron James should feel ‘devastated’ about the Los Angeles Lakers’ offseason to this point, and it doesn’t have anything to do with Russell Westbrook or Kyrie Irving.

Check out the segment above as Bucher details why LeBron's entire basketball fate has come down to what's going through Anthony Davis' head.

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