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Colin Cowherd: Stop Putting Aaron Rodgers Above Tom Brady in QB Rankings

Colin Cowherd: “NFL executives, coaches, and players made their picks for the best passers in the NFL [1. Rodgers 2. Mahomes 3. Allen 4. Brady 5. Burrow 6. Stafford 7. Herbert 8. Wilson 9. Watson 10. Prescott]. It’s amazing to me that people who are paid to do this for a living, players and coaches, would put Aaron Rodgers above Tom Brady… and Mahomes, and Joe Burrow, and Josh Allen?? With a 1:30 left, 75 yards, and you trail, you’d take Aaron over Brady?? One NFL offensive coordinator [in this poll] put it best: ‘Brady is the ultimate end-of-game guy, last shot guy, ball is in his hands – I wouldn’t take anyone else.’ We know this about Aaron, his last 16 playoff games he shrinks; he’s 7-9 and completes less than 64% of his throws… and that’s often as a home favorite. He’s got the better team. But ‘style’, which is usually associated with basketball, Aaron is more stylish, and he’s cooler and more flamboyant, and has got a little attitude and a little edge. And it does look prettier when Aaron throws the ball, doesn’t it? Aaron has a lot of ‘wow’ moments, but in 14 years he’s got 18 fourth-quarter comebacks. Derek Carr has almost double in eight seasons. The knock on Carr was always ‘he won’t let it go down the field’, but what’s interesting is late in games when he trails, it finally forces him to let it go and he’s really good at it. Aaron is the opposite, Aaron will take big swings early; when he leads, when he’s at home, when he’s comfortable, but when he trails late – and this was said by an NFC coach: ‘late in the down with pressure he doesn’t take risks. There are certain plays when he’s throwing an easy completion on a smoke route, and it’s a critical moment and you’re thinking ‘is he really trying to win?’ That’s exactly what all of us thought during the Niners game. What is he doing?? Is he protecting his stats? Is he playing safe? Aesthetically, compared to all of the other quarterbacks on this list, Brady is boring and Brady is repetitive, but the sport is not about flash or style, it’s just about ‘do you win big games?’ (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd discuss a recent survey that ESPN ran on Monday that polled over 50 league executives, coaches, scouts, and players tasked with ranking the top 10 starting quarterbacks in the NFL going into the 2022/2023 season.

Check out the segment above as Colin disputes Aaron Rodgers being ranked no. 1 and details why he doesn’t understand Rodgers ever being ranked ahead of Brady in similar quarterback countdowns.

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