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Why Nobody Wants to Be on the Same Team as Russell Westbrook

Colin Cowherd: “Everybody is at the Summer League and Russell Westbrook and LeBron were at the Summer League too… they sat on the opposite ends of the floor. Last year at the Summer League they were next to each other laughing and were best friends… then LeBron played with him. Westbrook is not stupid, if LeBron wants him to be a Laker, he’ll be a Laker, and Westbrook is no longer going to be a Laker and he knows it. Everybody says they love Westbrook… until they play with Westbrook. There’s always that one guy who is an idiot who brings an M-80 to a Fourth of July firework show and they set it off you’re like ‘DUDE, too much, too loud, too much damage.’ Westbrook is the M-80 of firework shows. There is no nuance to it, it’s just loud, noisy, and overpowering. You put Westbrook on a team and it doesn’t work, and just blows everything up. There is no nuance to his game, it’s head down, 100 MPH, I’m going to shoot, I don’t care, my best friend is the ball, and I’m going to argue if anybody else brings it up. There is no nuance to the M-80, and I love fireworks. It’s the damage, the noise, it sets off car alarms, dogs are crying, kids are bawling… can’t you just bring out the fireworks that shoot off and are quiet? Westbrook realizes that LeBron doesn’t want him there anymore. I hear this all the time in the NBA – ‘OH HE’S GREAT! WE’RE BEST FRIENDS!’ , okay then play together. There is no nuance to his game, so he’s actually one of the rare stars who is better on a terrible team. If you put Westbrook around bad players and he can just have the ball for 40 minutes up and down the floor [he does well]… but he doesn’t play well with others.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Colin Cowherd discuss Russell Westbrook’s probable banishment from the Los Angeles Lakers, as Colin talks about reports that Westbrook and LeBron James sat on opposite sides of the floor at the NBA Summer League in Las Vegas last weekend, confirming to many that Westbrook isn’t coming back to the Lakers.

Check out the segment above as Colin explains why he thinks Westbrook has become so toxic and untouchable on an NBA roster in 2022, and why it’s unlikely a relevant team would ever want his services.

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