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Colin Cowherd Has Finally Found the Perfect Trade For Jimmy Garoppolo

Colin Cowherd: “Usually trades work if they make sense for both teams. Jimmy Garoppolo to the Seahawks, Jeremy Fowler, a very trustable reporter who breaks a lot of stories says the Seahawks are considering it. Here is why this makes sense... The Niners value Garoppolo as a really good starter and they like him a lot. If he didn’t have injury issues they wouldn’t have drafted Trey Lance. He went to Lambeau and won, he outplayed Mahomes for most of the Super Bowl, they like him a lot but the injury stuff worries you. They don’t want to give him away. Because of his shoulder surgery he’s going to get a fifth-round pick, but there’s one exception… Seattle in the Russell Wilson trade has two number ones and two number twos next year and San Francisco believes they can get a second-round pick for Garoppolo ONLY from Seattle. Everyone else will say ‘I’m not giving you a second-round pick for Jimmy’, but San Francisco can go to Seattle and say ‘TIMEOUT, you think I’m going to give Jimmy Garoppolo to a division rival with a chance he’s going to come back and beat us twice a year?? You’re going to pay the price for that!’ – and they’re right. San Francisco can get much more from Seattle. San Francisco can argue that they’re not going to give a division rival a franchise quarterback for a fifth-round pick. You have to pay for the right to potentially burn us. I’m not being an ageist but Pete Carroll is 70… does he really want to rebuild at this point in his career? If Pete Carroll was 42 with a fresh new 7-year contract, by all means, let’s play the long game, but Pete Carroll doesn’t want to rebuild. Remember that there is no Andrew Luck or Trevor Lawrence in next year’s college draft. Garoppolo is not a playmaker but he can be a distributor and Seattle now has Noah Fant, DJ Metcalf, Tyler Lockett, and I believe they have the Rookie of the Year on their roster, Kenneth Walker, running back from Michigan State. He can distribute to those guys and Seattle has rebuilt their offensive line. Over the next two years Garoppolo is absolutely going to be better than Bryce Young, CJ Stroud, or Will Levis. I like draft picks too, but the Rams keep giving up all their draft picks and winning. Jimmy Garoppolo can play RIGHT NOW. This deal makes a lot of sense, I think San Francisco can demand more and I think Seattle can give more because of the Russell Wilson trade, and I don’t think Seattle wants to go on a two-year rebuild.” (Full Video Above)

Watch Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks the Seattle Seahawks make the best trade partner for the 49ers in a potential Jimmy Garoppolo deal, as Colin lays out the reasons why the Niners could actually get the best deal from their division rival.

Check out the segment above as Colin details why he thinks Garoppolo is a better option for the Seahawks than going the route of the NFL Draft.

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