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Colin Cowherd Says This Player is the Perfect Sidekick For Luka Doncic

Colin Cowherd: “The Mavericks have decided not to do the Kyrie Irving deal and this tells me that Dallas is really smart. Luka and Kyrie would probably get a lot of press on Twitter and work briefly but they’re both temperamental, they’re both poor defenders, and they both believe they should have the final shot. That worked briefly with Shaq and Kobe but one was a big and the other was a perimeter player, these guys need the ball. McHale, Pippen, and Manu Ginobili always knew who got the final shot so this doesn’t work. Luka and Kyrie sounds great on paper but it doesn’t work. KD and Kyrie worked but that’s different… KD is probably leaving his prime and sees basketball from 33,000 feet. Luka is entering his prime, he doesn’t wanna be told ‘hey, can you manage this relationship? Can you give HIM the final shot tonight?’ Nobody told Michael Jordan that in the first seven years of his career. There is a perfect player for Luka, they're just not going to be able to get him… his name is Klay Thompson. Non-temperamental, very stoic, catch and shoot, doesn’t need the ball in his hands, excellent defender. Klay is not as elite of a defender as he was three years ago because of the surgeries, but that’s the perfect player for Luka. Mark Cuban has ONE job over the next five or six years… find your Klay Thompson. Stoic, defends, Robin… can you do it?” (Full Video Above)

Watch Colin Cowherd explain why he never thought a Kyrie Irving trade to the Mavericks was ever logical, as Colin says there is only one type of player who can play alongside Luke as his sidekick.

Check out the segment above as Colin details why he thinks Klay Thompson or Bradley Beal would be the perfect ‘Robin’ to Luka.

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