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College Football Traditions/Rivalries are in Jeopardy

Photo: Jonathan Daniel

Now that the news of UCLA and USC defecting to the Big Ten has had a chance to marinate, Dan expresses his concerns over the future of college football’s traditions and rivalries. Will USC still be allowed to play Notre Dame every season? Are we heading towards 20-team mega conferences? With college football beginning to resemble the NFL more and more, it seems inevitable that the best parts of the game will eventually fall by the wayside.

Dan Patrick: “Not sure what’s going to happen to those teams and their schedules. Are they still going to be able to play certain schools? Is USC/Notre Dame, that going to be in the books for a while? I argue if I’m the Big Ten, I say to USC, ‘No. We want you playing schools in our conference. We don’t want you to play Notre Dame.’ And then you got Notre Dame; does Notre Dame join the Big Ten eventually?”