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Emmanuel Acho: Baker Mayfield Will Be Remembered as a 'Hero' in Cleveland

Emmanuel Acho: “Baker Mayfield should be remembered as a hero. We think about the Great Depression, I think Baker made the Great ‘Impression.’ Baker goes to a city and an organization that had won one game in its previous 32 games. They had won one game in its previous two seasons and Baker Mayfield shows up – albeit there was coaching turmoil, albeit there was ownership turmoil – and he shows up and he stabilizes the most unstable organization in pro football. He wins six games, wins Rookie of the Year, follows that up even though he had two coaches in the midst of that chaos, wins another six games, has another coaching departure, then he finally gets a credible head coach in Kevin Stefanski and immediately wins a playoff game, including beating the divisional rival of the Browns, the Pittsburgh Steelers. He stamped Ben Roethlisberger’s football death certificate and said ‘hey Big Ben, thanks for playing, you’re no longer needed here.’ Baker Mayfield is the hero that Cleveland didn’t necessarily deserve, but he was the hero that Cleveland needed.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Emmanuel Acho discuss Baker Mayfield’s Browns exodus and explain why he thinks history will remember Mayfield fondly in the eyes of Browns fans.

Check out the segment above as Acho details why he thinks Mayfield will be memorialized as a ‘hero’ who brought back reverence to one of the NFL’s worst franchises.

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