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Baker Mayfield Acquisition Puts Matt Rhule on the Hot Seat

Photo: Christian Petersen

Baker Mayfield had his introductory news conference yesterday for the Carolina Panthers and he sounded mature and ready to go. He never did have any real consistency in Cleveland and this move should be good for him, however, it puts head coach Matt Rhule directly on the hot seat this season. If he were able to get Matt Corral some reps and spend a year developing his team, he might expect some latitude from ownership but, with Mayfield under center, the expectations and scrutiny will be much higher. If he can’t be successful with Baker, he’ll likely follow the controversial quarterback out the door at the end of the season.

Dan Patrick: “Matt Rhule is a coach who could be on the way out with Baker Mayfield next year. Number one on the hot seat: Matt Rhule this upcoming season. But if I’m Matt Rhule, I would have wanted to go with Matt Corral at some point...”